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You are playing Princess Vegas Night

Eliza is one of the most famous and so cool Disney girl and diva, especially due to fact that she is the Ice Queen from the Ice Kingdom and she simply loves to spend a lot of time in her wardrobe and of course, with a lot of make up which makes her more beautiful. This special game, presents to you Eliza in one of the most special postures you have ever seen until now, being the representant princess from the Disney world into one of the greatest cities in the world, Las Vegas, the city of luck, where there are a lot of casinos and of course, a lot of this kind of betting games. Your mission will be apparently simple, because you have to help Eliza make some money but the difficult part is that you do not have to make her earn them, but collect them and find them and they will be so well hidden from everyone’s eyes. Good luck in this special and so amazing adventure and try to figure it out where are the money and collect them all as soon as it is possible in order to make Eliza have so much of them for having fun in this city. Good luck and let’s get to the work as soon as it is possible!

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