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Sheriff Callie – Deputy For A Day is an cool multi animation game for kids. Bandits came to Sheriff Callie’s town, and you will have to help her fight them so they will leave her town and so, all the animals will be safe and can do their everyday businesses in peace. These bandits, made a lot of chaos in town, and you will have to work hard to repair the damages.

First, you will have to help the animals from Callie’s town to find all their belongings, so you will have to give them all their lost stuff in the shortest time. After that, you will have to make sure that they remain healthy, and drink a lot of fluids, so you are going to be the bartender of the town, and you will have the mission to make a lot of fresh fruit shakes for the town animals to drink. The bandits left all the cattle loose, so you will have to scatter the town and find all the cattle in the shortest time, by looking all over town. Be fast and careful, so the bandits will see that Sheriff Callie is very brave and they will never come back.

You can also read the instructions that Deputy of the Day are given in the game and follow them carefully!

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